Calibration as service


Want to calibrate your monitor or laptop?
In the next few lines I will explain you why you should calibrate and the important benefits of calibration.

By using an uncalibrated monitor, you’re forcing your brain to perceive the wrong colours as the right ones, plus your colour and shadow adjustment of the photo will look unpredictable on another monitor. Don’t delay color calibration. Learn to perceive the right colors right from the start. If you’re serious about color in photography, drawing, or web design, you can’t do without a calibrated monitor.

The calibration not only compares colors including white temperature, but also helps you set the ideal monitor brightness and adjusts the gamma curve – Input Pixel Brightness to Output Pixel Brightness. The probe will not adjust the colours to exactly the correct values, but it will bring the curve closer to the correct colour rendering, mainly by reducing large deviations. Otherwise, this also means that on a cheap monitor, after calibration, the deviations will remain larger, but the colors of the photo will be watchable.

Even with poor colours on a cheap monitor, the probe can do wonders.


Monitor calibration

A high quality monitor is expensive, but needs just as much calibration as a cheap monitor. Having an expensive monitor for over 9k and not having it calibrated is an illogical savings. A cheap monitor for a few grand that you have calibrated can come close to the partial color rendition of a quality monitor. So you always gain the most by calibrating.

Like few, I’ll even do a semi-hardware calibration if your monitor is of sufficient quality, i.e. can handle the RGB color change without losing color gamut. A native 8-bit panel is best for this.

Let me know the type of your monitor and I will determine the gamut and the appropriate type of calibration accordingly.


Laptop calibration

Need to improve the colours on your laptop? Believe me, more than you think. Laptop owners will often pay a lot of money for a better laptop. However, they give money for marketing promises that don’t deliver good colors.

Only by calibrating you can get your laptop’s colours right. The probe can fix your laptop’s colors in a way that you will be very pleasantly surprised and you learn if your laptop is suitable for color work.

See the photos below of a comparison of the display before and after calibration.


Studio calibration

Need your monitor to display identically to another?
Want to calibrate your monitors to match each other as possible?

The goal of calibration is to pull the maximum out of the display to some standard. To achieve color matching, monitors must have the same color range and uniform backlight. It is best if they are the same models without defects.

Price for additional screen is without discount.

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Service without transportPrice
calibration of the first display 500 CZK / 20 EUR
calibration of the next display (without adaptation to the 1st) 300 CZK / 12 EUR

I have been calibrating for seven years. I have experience not only with professional monitors, but especially a lot of experience with home monitors and laptops. I never calibrate on automatic, I don’t rush and always choose the best for the monitor.

  • I’ll teach you how to set a color profile as system default and how to verify the active profile.
  • I will also show you how to set up a color profile in your browser or photo editor.
  • I will explain the differences between sRGB and Adobe RGB gamut and how to use them in practice.
  • I’ll give you advice on what to look out for when you print your photos.

place of calibration Benešov u Prahy, Na Chmelnici 1998

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